Why USA is considered the Best Vacation Destination?

The United States is a vast, diverse nation with plenty of vacation spots that are perfect for long as well as short trips. It has as many as 48 continental spots, excluding the magnificent Hawaii and Alaska, and 6 spots that are located across the country which are worth a visit. These spots have varied experiences on offer. It is not for nothing that the US is regarded as the best vacation destination, and includes many attractions.

Acadia National Park

It is a lovely hilly national park that is located on Mt. Desert Island besides the Maine shoreline. Down the Frenchman’s Bay, you will love to enjoy a nice boat ride. The park is situated around a toll road that passes the wonderful coastal mountains and rocky terrain.

New Orleans

It has a somewhat old-world charm, which makes it stand apart from the other cities that are located in the U.S. You can visit the Jackson Square that is located close to the Mississippi River, enjoy a horse-drawn carriage ride or riverboat ride, or simply walk through the city’s old French Quarter. The Preservation Hall, Royal Street and Pirate’s Alley are all located nearby. It is best visited during the spring season when the weather is not too hot.

Golden Gate Bridge

It is located near the Yellowstone National Park and the Grand Tetons National Park. This magnificent steel structure is a famous place where people like to photograph themselves along with their loved ones. You will love to come here to enjoy the magical views of the gorgeous bay and the steep hills.

Santa Fe Indian Market

This is another spot that is worth visiting in the month of August every year. It is held in the beautiful city of Santa Fe where visitors, buyers and local dealers from across the nation during the event. There are various artworks and goods here, and you can expect the best quality in the market.

Grand Tetons National Park

It is located in the north-western part of Wyoming, and lies near the Yellowstone National Park. It offers fabulous views of the back country, the lovely Snake River and the magnificent peaks. The spot is popular for camping, and you can climb the grand peak base, go for horse riding and more. The Yellowstone National Park nearby is also worth visiting.

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