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American Food

It is not unusual for tourists in America to want to try out foods that are characteristically “American”, and although most people swear that there is no “American cuisine” Per say, you might want to try out the traditional Thanksgiving dinner that encompasses the stuffed turkey, sumptuous mashed potatoes, marshmallow, and green bean casserole. For meat lovers, American food offers a whole array of barbeque ranging from Texas BBQ to Carolina BBQ. American food offers varieties including brisket, pulled pork, and ribs, all with different sauces. When it comes to pie, Key lime, pecan, apple, sweet potato, pumpkin, and strawberry rhubarb are popular with tourists, you should try them.

Mexican Food

It is no news that Mexican food presents a fusion of diverse cultures. People love the attractive appearance of Mexican foods and the intermingling of spices, flavors, and vibrant colors. A lot of the traditional Mexican meals still denote their deep origins, making them unique. The good news is you don’t have to be in Mexico to enjoy tasty taquitos, tostadas, quesadillas, enchiladas, flautas and more! Whether you’re in for the aesthetics or the hot sizzling spice that comes with Mexican food, you can have the taste and genuine feel of traditional Mexico, in America.


Indian Food

Indian dishes are made with special spices that give them a great taste, an irresistible aroma and along with these, these spices have unlimited health benefits. While on a vacation in America, you can enjoy enjoyable, velvety, thick and savory Indian meals. Several ground nuts are employed to give Indian meals nutty flavors. It is not unusual to find onions, auburn and nutmeg is part of most Indian recipes, giving Indian foods a zesty, sweet and pungent edge. Experience Indian cuisine suitable for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians at amazing Indian restaurants in America.

Japanese Food

For those who aren’t keen on having spicy dishes, Japanese food presents an impressive selection of choices which have minimal seasonings. Japanese chefs focus on making simple meals and give attention to selecting high-quality ingredients which give Japanese food a pleasant contrast of consistencies and taste. Interestingly, most times Japanese food comes with a lot of theatrics and drama, especially when you choose to eat in. Food is made with much skill and composure by skilled chefs, wowing customers with their culinary ability. In most Japanese diners (Even in America) the kitchen is always located in an open space where customers can have a full view of everything going on.


Chinese Food

Craving for Chinese Food while you are vacationing in America? It is a thrilling time for any Chinese food enthusiast in America. Now, tourists have more options than the regular fried rice and chicken lo mein from take-out bowls. Tourists have several options from the restaurants that have mastered the art of noodle preparation from the beginning to the end and steaming luscious wraps of soup dumplings. These Chinese restaurants are impressively making good use of home-grown ingredients to create hybrid cuisine for a wide selection of tourists.

Native American food

Can’t wait to try out the native American dish you’ve heard so much about? Recognized by its use of only indigenous ingredients which include several vegetables, Native American dishes are becoming popular in the United States. Tourists are presented with a wide selection of dishes to choose from, including Acorn bread, fry bread, Green chili stew, and the Popular Eskimo Ice cream amongst many. Native American food also entails the creative use of meat and vegetables like wild onions, pumpkins and cactus are regularly used in preparing Native American food.


Korean Food

You must have heard or read somewhere about how much pride Koreans have in their food. Tourists can have exclusive access to Korean food even in America. From the amazingly popular Kimchi to the Hangover stew, Korean foods have a scintillating effect on the taste buds and a soothing effect on the digestive system. Tourists will be amazed to find restaurants that let them sit around a special grill and enjoy a traditional Korean barbecue feast. What’s more? Korean Food is often delivered with an extensive range of side dishes and pieces of lettuce, cloves, peppers, and chili sauce to style little meat wraps.

Thai Food

Thai food presents a very charming blend of sweet-smelling, tangy, spicy, basils and other local ingredients. It is, therefore, not surprising that Thai food has been experiencing acceptance in the global market and has progressed as one of the world’s most classy and appetizing cuisines. Thai food is made with the freshest ingredients, and food experts swear by its immune-boosting power. Preparing Thai food involves complex procedures which include marinating, boiling, stewing, sautéing and more, these complex processes all come together to produce amazing flavors and a sweet-smelling aroma, adding more appeal to Thai food.

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Wine Tasting

Wine tasting is a great activity for wine enthusiasts and generally. Funny enough, most people do not know that there is much more to wine than just “white or red”. When it comes to wine, there is always something new or interesting that can be learned. When tourists go for wine tasting, they are exposed to several wine varieties, colors and tastes. Most importantly, wine tasting will leave individuals with adequate knowledge to make their own correct choices whenever they are out shopping for wine. It is also a great avenue to meet like-minded people! Who knows, you can make a forever friend when you go wine tasting.

Visiting Breweries

Visiting Breweries can prove to be an interesting pastime. Not only do you have unrestricted access to different varieties of great tasting beer, but you also get to do it in a taproom with a comfortable atmosphere where you can sit, drink beer, talk, and even play a tabletop game. If you’ve never been in a brewery, you will be marveled by the amount of knowledge that accompanies either a self-guided tour or a longer more time consuming one. Putting simply, visiting a brewery is one activity that you should look forward to.

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