Walk in the City or State Parks

Sitting at a particular spot for several hours can really be exhausting and draining. Often times it could be at work, in a conference or at a lecture. Being stationary over a long period of time can increase the possibility of fatigue and diabetes. Most persons in this category usually do not have the time luxury to participate in exercise activities and other recreational engagements. However, taking a walk around the city, probably while going or returning from work can decrease the chances of accumulated fatigue and reducing the odds of diabetes. Taking a walk in the park can also be exciting as one can have a view of different attractive sights such as water fountains, skyscrapers, amusement parks, sporting events, and so on.


Camping is an activity carried out outside usually for some days at a shelter such as a tent, away from residential areas. Camping is considered a fantastic, relaxing and recreational activity often embarked on by couples, families, friends or colleagues. Most times, campers usually have to go along with the bed, food, water, and other necessary amenities. Camping also serves as a means to view beautiful and amazing places. Some of the other reasons people camp includes;

  • It helps reconnect to nature: Camping exposes you to varieties of nature such as mountain ranges, waterfalls, wind, green pastures, and others.
  • Exercise: The opportunity of exploring the surroundings is a way of exercising the body
  • Avails family time: Away from the busy daily schedules, camping avails family the time to bond and share their feelings.
  • Build Relationships: Some of the benefits of camping is that it unites people and fosters friendships and relationships
  • Increases your vitamin D intake
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This is a place where body treatments and therapies are administered to people. There are different types of spa treatments such as massages, facial treatments or makeup applications and body treatments. Other care treatments include pedicures, manicures, hair cutting or trimming among others. Spa treatments are beneficial in several ways such as;

  • Stress Relief: Visiting a spa is a great way to ease the stress of everyday life. The massages and other treatments can help to clear one’s mind and help relaxation.
  • Prevention of Ageing: The facial treatments gotten from the spa is known to prevent wrinkling of the facial muscles by hydrating and stimulating the cells on the skin.
  • Enhanced sleep: With the kind of massages that are given at the spa for the relaxation of the body muscles and easing off of stress, you can be sure to enjoy a better sleep
  • Relief of body aches and pain
  • Weight-loss support: Skin pores are usually opened up during hot spa treatments. This removes toxins from the body and also boost the body to burn calories.
  • Improvement of blood flow and circulation
  • Stimulation of Radiant Skin: The facial treatments and massages the radiance of the skin.

Nail Salons

Similar to Spas, Nail salons are exclusively designed for manicures and pedicures. Besides ensuring that you maintain your personal hygiene, Nail salons also provide relaxation through massages for the hands and feet. Some of these manicure and pedicure treatments include removal of dead skins, application of foot and hand lotions, soaking to aid treatments and others. The merits of visiting a nail salon are;

  • Maintaining the health of the nails
  • Improving Blood flow through massaging
  • Enhances appearance and beauty
  • Increases the smoothness of the feet and hands
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Kayaking / Canoeing

These are two similar water sports, but each have their distinctive attributes. The canoe is usually an open water vessel in which one sits or kneels when paddling mostly with a single paddle. Whereas, Kayaking involves an enclosed vessel, one in which the person sits with legs extended and is usually double-padded.

Canoeing and kayaking are low impact activities that can develop aerobic fitness, strength, and flexibility. Some of the specific health benefits include:

  • Kayaking helps to improve cardiovascular fitness as you paddle
  • It helps to enhance muscle strength during paddling, most especially the regions of the back, arms, shoulders, and chest.
  • The strength to power a canoe or kayak originates primarily from rotating the torso and applying pressure with your legs, therefore improving the torso and leg strength.
  • Paddling is a low power movement hence it helps to reduce the risk of wear-and-tear on joints and tissues.
  • Kayaking or canoeing also provides a peaceful ambiance for meditation.

Dinner theatres

In the United States, this is typically a form of entertainment that combines a restaurant meal with a theatrical performance, possibly an opera. Attending events such as this can really be a stress-reliever one sits, eats and is entertained with top-notch music from great performers and incredible instrumentalists. This also offers an enabling interactive platform for people to meet and build relationships. Business Deals between two or more partners or companies are also sealed at dinner theatres. It is also an environment for romantic couples.

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Hiking,as an exercise practice, helps to accelerate the heart rate. Hiking is different from walking as it is concerned with longer paths and often times hiking is done away from civilization, on uneven terrain, in a forest or around mountains. Aside from the physical benefits of hiking, it also provides psychological advantages. Some of these benefits include;

Increases Strength: Traversing your way around fallen trees, across streams and undulating tracks works your body to get stronger.

  • Stress reduction
  • Decreases Anxiety and Depression
  • Sharpens the Memory
  • Reconnection with friends
  • Exciting and eye-catching sights

Explore a museum

Museums are known as an establishment that houses collections of artifacts linked to so many historical, cultural, scientific commemorations. There are a variety of museums in the United States such as art museums, scientific museums, historical museums, etc. Besides the additional knowledge obtained and the educative aspects, visiting a museum is really an effective way of learning. Museums also serve as a relaxing and recreational center to spend quality time with family and friends.

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