Top Family Friendly Vacation Destination in US

Every family is different from secret handshakes to their favorite dessert. So, vacation plan for a family should be different. As there is nothing like a one size fits for all trips. Let us enlist some places which are attractive for kids. There are a number of places suitable for a family tour with small kids in cities, islands, small towns and mountains of America. Uniqueness of family vacation depends upon specific behavior of kids as some places might look surprising for them. There are various sources of educational fun including rides on wild roller coaster. For spending some time on beach, families just need to pack up their accessories and start the journey to share lifetime memories. It is best if they plan their luxury tours with Indo US club for 5 star amenities in US. Contact us via

Indianapolis, Indiana

Indiana is a city which is a high standard friendly vacation place of America. There are dozens of ways of learning, building and exploring for children as Children’s Museum offers all in one package. This city is linked with other kid friendly attractions. Teenagers can check their wits in correspondence to an escape indoor game. While, the entire family can feel excited by looking upon discovery center and exploring Indiana on self-controlled scavenger hunt.

Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta is considered as one of the best family vacation destinations in South as this city has an underwater wonderland. In this wonderland, children come across with various whale sharks by eyeball to eyeball contact at George Aquarium. Children will love zombie themed or heroic theme tour of film sites of Atlanta. The Coca-Cola world is packaged with various interactive and multimedia which is best fascination for kids to keep them engaged throughout the tour.

San Diego, California

San Diego is also a destination of kid’s friendly attraction. In California, there are enormous fun places for children. Wildlife biologists are capable of differentiating everything including polar bears and pandas at zoo of San Diego, theme park, aquarium and oceanarium. Legoland California is one of the quickest drives of the coast. Children enjoy watching the first wave in the hot water and slight breaks off elegant La Jolla.

Branson, Missouri

World’s largest museum for toys is present in Branson. It is a favorite spot for children’s attraction as it has Lincoln Logs along with joy trains. There are some ideas of family vacations including tour to water parks and amusement parks of Branson. Family friendly play and fish reeling in one of the beautiful streams and lakes covering countryside.

Empire, Michigan

It is among the best destination places for family vacation situated on Lake Michigan at the doorstep of Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore. This spot is famous particularly for outdoor adventures. One can spot Lake Michigan shipwreck while hiking through large sand dunes and through forests. Families also like to spend their nights under a sky full of stars. The freshwater of this lake provide friendly waves for surfing. Families can paddle their first waves in one of sandy beaches of Empire.

Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin

If a family wants to spend wet vacations, it should go for Wisconsin Dells. This is also a spot of kid friendly attractions which is packaged with the award winning spot in worthy water parks. Families can enjoy outdoor water parks to cool down during the heat of Midwestern summer. They can also opt for indoor water park when they need winter bathing. There are enormous things to do in Wisconsin Dells including tour to the Rick Wilcox Magic Theater, Mr. Marvel’s Wondertorium and zipping line tours.

Phoenix, Arizona

The best place of kids’ attraction in Phoenix is Musical Instrument Museum along with more than fifteen thousand musical instruments. Families tempted to go into museum and to listen instruments playing around the world. After listening, some families try to play a tune of their own choice in experience gallery of the museum. Families should take their children on the off ride adventures through Sonoran Desert. It will be informative for their kids as they will learn about desert animals and plants.

Boston, Massachusetts

Boston is one of the most historic places of America. It is considered as a best place for some VIP tours. Families enjoy the classic experiences of Boston which boasts them. Catching the Cruise Boston Harbor across the constitution of USS, the Red Sox at Fenway Park and afterwards, they move to iconic Swan Boats for a ride. This city is overflowing with history and a number of kids’ friendly attractions which can be introduced to youth as the revolutionary past of America. Families can avail various actions by tossing tea bales into harbor at Boston Tea Party ships and museum.