How to experience true America during your vacation

An American vacation is not just about a visit to its important cities and major destinations. For those looking for an authentic, actual experience of an American travel and a wish to see the true side of the country should try exploring the Wild West and the roots of its indigenous people. Here is how to experience a real, All-American experience during your vacation.

Take part in Rodeo Games

This is among the most authentic and unique activities to participate in Quincy, California, at the Greenhorn Creek Guest Ranch. Try the Guest Rodeo Games here, gorge on the delicacies offered at Hamburger Cookout and have a fun afternoon with the wranglers at the corral. Indulge in the popular Greenhorn Games where you can take part in an egg race, keyhole competitions, pole-bending and barrel racing activities.

Know how to Fly Fish

The guided fishing and fly fishing tours offered at Diamond D Ranch are unlike any other. Just fifty yards away from the cabins there are lovely streams. In Stanley, Idaho, there is a private lake on the grounds of the ranch where you can relax easily and catch native trout and fresh rainbow. If you love angling, the Diamond D Ranch can be a paradise for you. The guided fly-fishing tours offered here range from a fast afternoon trip on the creek to pack trip expeditions spread over many days.

Go on Horseback rides

In Parshall, Colorado, horseback rides are offered twice a day. You can enjoy fabulous views of the scenic valleys, forests and canyons from horseback. Each ride is different here, which makes this activity so unique. The extended rides here consist of riding through longer stretches at a quicker pace, which is ideal for people who love a sense of thrill. While riding through the diverse terrains, keep out an eye for the animals and local wildlife.

Take part in an Adventure Pack Trip

There are pack trips offered in the Seeley Lake, Montana, in Rich’s Montana Guest Ranch. The trips here range between 5 and 10 days, and take place in the wilderness spread over an area of 1.5 million acres, consisting of mountains, streams, lakes and valleys. You can go on horseback adventures and camp here every day. On days when rides are not offered, there are exploration and fishing opportunities galore.

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