East coast Vs. West coast during vacation to US

USA is a destination point for many people who want to visit theme parks located in Florida or looking for enjoying marvelous lifestyle of California. But, main question popped out in the minds of tourists is,

How to accommodate all these in one holiday?

Answer to this question is simple to choose one stop of multiple destinations for a single holiday. America is a spacious place where one can visit many places but one should decide whether he wants to spend his vacation on East coast or on West coast of USA. This is a hard tiresome decision to choose one of these places particularly for luxury and VIP tours. For the convenience of tourists, let us discuss a few digestible chunks about both coasts.

Recreational activities

One who wants to go for ice skating or strolling through Central Park on a cool afternoon, following trail of freedom in order of discovery of history and hopping over to Boston to watch a ballgame; should surely opt to visit the East Coast. On the other hand, if someone is excited to keep an eye on stars of planet during Los Angeles’ stay, should visit the West coast. West coast is considered as a best place for bike riding across Golden Gate Bridge. There are a lot of things to do on west coast of USA such as searching out best star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in Los Angeles, visiting Alcatraz Island and moving to San Francisco. East coast is considered as a home of best theme parks of the world, including Universal Orlando Resort and Walt Disney World Resort.

Weather and Beaches

Weather of East coast is amalgam with the sunshine of Florida and Christmas card view in New York during winter season. West coast weather is better as it is sunny and enchants its tourist by comely golden glow for luxury tours. East coast has incredible beaches like Miami but these beaches cannot compete with California. While, West coast is considered as trumps of beach front including Santa Monica Pier along with Venice Beach.


East coast is best place with respect to fun of art and architecture. White House of Washington DC, Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco’s cityscape, Creole cottages and historical mansions of cultural Orleans are the best examples of skillful work of architecture in east coast. These are some captivating facts for VIP tours down the coast.


East coast is very famous due to its tasty and delicious food. This fame is from lobster along with clam chowder up in Maine to Philly cheesesteaks, hot dogs, pretzels and bagels of New York. For a luxury tour and VIP tour, tourists look upon chains of restaurants on west coast. But when it comes upon taste, cheesesteaks and food items of east coast are best.


Most appealing fact about lifestyle on the west coast of America is its soaking sun on Santa Monica Boulevard along with ideology of convertible cars reflection in lens of sunglasses particularly in California. On the other hand, thrill seekers and city slickers will adore and cherish the east coast vibes of America.


There is a number of outlet malls of all sorts and specific shopping districts in West coast of America. This is also a best place to grab oneself as a bargainer. No doubt, shopping opportunities of west coast are good but these are nothing in view of Miami on East coast of New York. Main purpose of some VIP tours on the East coast of America is to experience Fifth Avenue and the world’s famous stores of flagship. Moreover, East coast of America is considered as one of the most trend forwarding and fashion forwarding cities of the world.


Scenery of East coast of America is certainly impressive and enchanting with lush Florida Everglades and breathtaking view of New England. But there is nothing fascinating like scenery across which a person comes while travelling along the roads of rugged Pacific Coast Highway. Scenery present in West coast of America is so mesmerizing that it will surely blow your soul and mind. Beautiful scenery of west coast of New York is from San Diego to the Monterey along with the way up to San Francisco.

After this comparison between east coast and west coast of America, still we are not able to separate these two. A tour of any kind whether it is a luxury tour or VIP tour toward either side of America will be most memorable tour packed up with highlights. Indo US club will provide its best amenities for 5 star luxury tours to US. Contact at www.amztrainingacademy.com