Best Cities to Visit in the US

United States is a top country for vacation, with its many amazing spots that beckon travelers from across the globe. There are many amazing cities here that can fill you with a sense of glory and you will love the beauty, charm and irresistible loveliness of these places. Know about some of the best cities that you can visit in the U.S on Luxury tours.

New York City

It is obviously one of the most amazing cities in the world, and is regarded as a ‘melting pot’ of cultures. One can experience a diverse mix here, whether it comes to people, culture or places. It has the popular Times Square, Ground Zero where the two World Trade Center stood, Broadway Theater etc are there. It also has the iconic Statue of Liberty, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Ellis Island, Yankee Stadium and Wall Street.

San Francisco

It has many amazing beaches, and the nice weather is a top draw here. In this city, the summers are not very hot and the winters are rarely too cold for comfort. There are many wineries in this city, amazing museums and more.

Los Angeles

This magnificent city boasts of some of the top museums of the world. It has the iconic Hollywood’s Walk of Fame, Venice Beach and Beverly Hills, which tourists love to enjoy.

Las Vegas

The city is famous for being the Casino hub of the world, known for its many gambling centers that attract punters from the world over. It also has many luxurious hotels, fantastic resorts and great shows on offer. The city never sleeps and you can find something or other to do here every hour.


It is in the central part of Florida, and has a wide range of attractions – such as Walt Disney World that is popular among kids as well as adults. This is the 6th largest city in the state of Florida, and has championship golf courses, wonderful shopping opportunities, lively nightlife, fine dining opportunities, first-class hotels, outdoor recreation opportunities, thrilling water parks, world-class theme parks and more. It has Disney’s Animal Kingdom, with the chance of going on an African Safari.


It is situated in south-eastern Florida, in the Atlantic coast. The port of Miami is also referred to as the ‘Cruise Capital of the World’. The city is popular for its beautiful condominiums and homes, palm fringes, white sandy beaches, cafes, fashionable restaurants, diverse cultures, art deco hotels and more.

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